This is a re-release of Harmonic with some updated features/alterations.

New Features

  • Online updater or installer - less maintenance for me and users.
  • Tick drift feature has been removed.
  • CLR Response Time has been added to monitor system performance (in lieu of Tick Drift)
  • CLR RT delta added for seeing differences in CLR RT.
  • CPU Usage (%) added.


  • Detect whether HPET / RTC is in use.
  • Read CLOCK frequency from inside the KERNEL32 / WinApi.
  • Read CLOCK resolution from inside the KERNEL32 / WinApi.
  • Tell OS to startup with HPET/RTC enabled/disabled. (Requires a reboot)



Windows 10 - Bullshit

Only download it from HouseofCat, on my readonly CDN file storage, linked directly from this page, and you will be fine.

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