About Bishop CPC

I have equal partnership with PhillyB @ Overclock.net, i.e. so all the hard stuff was done by Phil.

Random Burst Input Output (RaBIOs) tests the CPU, Cache and RAM’s ability to gather and process stored numbers at random then store the resulting value. Results are presented in millions of cycles per second (MCS).

RaBIOS Technical Explanation

This test repeats a random selection and storage process for a set duration across all assigned logical processors (LP). Each LP works independently with their own set of values. This gives two measurable results: first is the per core ability to repeat the processing cycle, the second is the total system ability to process cycles. A single cycle includes multiple mathematical operations, a check to determine if it should continue and a check to see if it should report its status. ~PhillyB

In the 2.03+ release, we fully integrated with Harmonic and CPU-z (1.73+ x86/x64) data. CPU-z needs to be running in the background but note, if it is minimized, CPU-z is not updating it’s information. If its up in the background, that’s fine, it will refresh the CPU speeds, voltages, etc. This can help reduce windows necessary or several version of CPU-z open. We understand that some CPUs may not work correctly at first, but we are including a TXT file that should be located in the same directory you launch this program. If you can get that to us, we can make it more compatible for users who do not have functioning CPU-z results. The Scoreboard now receives the data from Harmonic and CPU-z. All the themes have been tweaked, and they no longer suck.


  1. Highly tweaked Prime Number searching, including the Sieve of Eratosthenes benchmark.
  2. A brand new type of benchmarking called RaBIOs.
  3. HPET / RTC Detection and monitoring.
  4. Full standard scoring system, whether it’s an entire processor or just an individual core.
  5. Graphing included!
  6. Data type testing!
  7. Several difficulty levels!
  8. Custom theme support, supporting 8 custom themes including Warlock Purple and Hot Pink.