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An elegant and performant C# wrapper around RabbitMQ DotNetClient.

CookedRabbit is a simple RabbitMQ wrapper for dealing with channels and connection headaches. It also shows you the natural evolution to common everyday problems with RabbitMQ implementations and how to avoid them. This solution is more orientated to services.

This is RabbitMQ as a Service with lightweight dazzle : RaaS L dazzle

The Demo client begins with examples that you should avoid and slowly progresses to more advanced concepts. The biggest problem I have observed so far is the storing of IModels (RabbitMQ object that represents channels) in containers/collections. This makes code very prone to memory leaks. After observing it countless times, I thought it would make a great candidate for abstraction. The examples are supposed to be simplistic.

This library is not supposed to be rocket science. It should demonstrate simplification, removal, and abstraction of common usage code when wrapping RabbitMQ DotNetClient. It continues to add functionality with simplification at the same time. I recommend getting started with the CookedRabbit wiki examples.

Inspired by the likes of RawRabbit, I needed a simpler RabbitMQ solution at times for specific situations. The longterm goal is to be modern, lightweight, and KISS. If you need a more thorough/advanced solution, I highly recommend checking out aforementioned RawRabbit or another popular solution: EastyNetQ.

For more details and code examples, visit the Wiki!

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A hodge podge of models, serializers, chaos engineering, and extensions I use throughout projects and share.

Various functions and models used in several spots are now kept all in one place. Hopefully by consolidating re-used functions all my projects will have the same bugs! I mean features!

All libraries are built using C# latest minor version. Meaning that you may get compilation or runtime errors if you are not on the latest version of C#.

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The source code for the HangFire NetCore demonstration.

Create a distributed NetCore HangFire client and server. With Sql Integration.

  1. A client that demonstrates queueing work.
  2. A server that processes the work.
  3. Sql Server Integration Steps
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About two dozen ways of searching files in .NET/NetCore and some performance testing.

Serves as a fairly decent starting point for learning and writing asynchronous and parallel file searches in Windows.

FileSearchBenchmark Landing Page
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