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[CookedRabbit @ GitHub] A very plain and simple C# RabbitMQ wrapper.

The details are all found on the GitHub page itself.

CookedRabbit is a simple RabbitMQ wrapper for dealing with channels and connection headaches. It also shows you the natural evolution to common everyday problems with RabbitMQ implementations and how to avoid them. This solution is more orientated to services. RabbitMQ as a Service with lightweight dazzle : RaaS L dazzle

Everything starts in the Demo client. Biggest problem I have observed so far is the storing of IModels (RabbitMQ object that represents channels) in containers/ICollections. Makes code prone to memory leaks, thus I thought a good candidate for abstraction. The examples in the CookedRabbit.Demo demonstrate very rudimentary usages of RabbitMQ. It's not supposed to be rocket science. The library is the simplification, removal, and abstraction of common usage code when wrapping RabbitMQ DotNetClient. It continues to add complexity and simplification at the same time in the RabbitBurrow & RabbitService.

Inspired by the likes of RawRabbit (, I needed a simpler RabbitMQ solution at times for specific situations. The longterm goal is to be modern, lightweight, and KISS. If you need a more thorough/advanced solution, I highly recommend checking out RawRabbit or EastyNetQ.