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The Short and Sweet (More To Come)!

This website is just a prototype, my first AspNetCore experience. I have maintained it having left WordPress. I will be using it to store my utilities, tutorials, musings, and whatever I feel like.

I am a back-end / infrastructure developer. That doesn't say a whole lot, we are usually the developers that make things happen behind the scenes. For example, I make platform libraries and I try to make sure everyone's order and package ends up where they should at Fanatics in an extremely performant and timely manner.

My real name is Tristan Hyams. I used to go by the alias RagingCain. You can find RagingCain on Reddit, Overclock.net, WordPress, Twitter, HWBOT, etc. The new alias HouseCat is hopefully here to stay for sometime and will be my primary alias here. It isn't anything special, there is no philosophical meaning behind it. It's just represents ordinary, yet still mildly interesting, biological furball. I am a Navy veteran, husband, and father of 4... and an avid video gamer. HouseCat is my current in game alias.

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