Minecraft - Changing the Java RE/JDK

How To Change What Java Version Minecraft Runs On

This is in a sense, running Minecraft with a newer version of Java/JVM. Most people, today, still play on really old versions of Java 7 or Java 8 runtime. Oracle seems to have stopped release Runtime Environment installers... this is fine but they are a ton slower and older than Java RE 12 and Java RE 13. Most people don't even know we are on the Java JDK/RE v13 today (and 14 beta!). This, however, will show you to do it once so you can change it to your hearts content after that for any future or past version of Java.


While newer versions of Java are usually better - Minecraft itself may crash or may perform worse. I know most of the performance tuning GC options don't apply or are altogether removed from later versions. You may have difficulty starting Minecraft with the same command line arguments. So just prepare yourself to potentially change arguments or even Java versions a couple of times, trying the latest, then a little older, then a little older... The goal is to be stable - no crashing / no bugs - but with the latest version of Java that will support the game. I play with with my kids and run it on JDK/JRE13. It performs noticeably better than JRE 8.

What Do I Download?

For this, we are going to download the 64-bit version of JDK 13.

That should be located here.

From there you just need to follow the instructions.

Once It Is Installed

We are going to leave all the default PATH and JAVA_HOME variables as is. This way we will not break any other software on your machine using that version of Java already installed, but that is an optional step.

Minecraft, now, actually bundles up it's Java Runtime dependencies with it when it installs, so a little more is involved to switch to the one we just installed. Here you can see the Minecraft launcher with version 1.15.1 of Minecraft loaded up.

We are going to click Installations.

We fire up the launcher and should be greeted with this.

We want to click the elipsis for more options, click Edit. Optionally, to prevent any issue to your current installation settings, all you have to do is Duplicate it and make all changes to the new duplicated profile.

We want to click More Options here.

Next we want to change the Javaw execetuable it is looking for.

While this works for any version, we will take it to the 64-bit JDK 13.0.1 installation we just installed.

Confirm the folder locations and click save!

By default, the folder address on Windows should look something like this...

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-13.0.1\bin\javaw.exe

Now when you launch this Minecraft profile, it will be 64-bit Java runtime environment using version 13.0.1 - the latest greatest.